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Ziggy (aka Ginger Boy) finds a home

Thanks to the dedicated and heartful care of the adoptions team at Saltspring branch of BCSPCA, our Ginger Boy has finally found a forever home. Ziggy (Ginger Boy) spent over two years with us. While he adjusted very easily to our environment and the other critters at the sanctuary, Ziggy found a very selfless and compassionate role as foster-parent to baby Hope, the feral kitten who was almost dead when found near the forest two years ago. Hope bonded strongly to Ziggy, and he appeared to assume responsibility for guiding her through her recovery, subsequent developmental stages, and into her young adult life. We are thrilled to hear that Ziggy is going to his forever home today. Simultaneously Hope (who remains at the BCSPCA for now) has been introduced to Mystique (another cat in need of a home) and both cats are on the way to a strong friendship. The care that Sean and the Saltspring team have committed to our loving cats is an inspiration  we should all aim to replicate in rescue groups.

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