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The Rescue Round Table

On Thursday May 7th we had the great pleasure of hosting the 2nd Annual Rescue Round Table at thefabulous Galiano Oceanfront Inn and Spa. Many thanks to Conny Nordin and staff at the Inn for theirgenerosity and service. We would also like to thank Lee Trentadue for her generous donation to our event and Lorraine Moore for graciously providing accommodation.

In attendance were : Joanna Pollard – Rest.Q President, Seonaid Renwick – Rest.Q Director, Sylvie
Beauregard – Rest.Q Director, Jenelle Cooper – Rest.Q Director, Sean Hogan – Branch Manager SSI
BCSPCA , Sandi Trent – Branch Manager CRD Cowichan, Penny Stone – Founder and President Victoria
and BC Humane Society, Karen Brownsey – Founder and President Barn Rats Need Barn Cats, Kerri Lynn
Wilson – Vice President of Spirits Mission, Maria Soroski- Co-Founder VOKRA (Vancouver Orphaned
Kitten Rescue Association), Sam Fiddler – Mayne Island RestQ volunteer, Sarah Pennington – Founder
and President Yaletown Dog Training, Annette Lorek – volunteer at Gabriola Cats Alive, Megan Munroe
– Outreach Coordinator, BCSPCA

It was a glorious day on Galiano. Many of our attendees stayed over to enjoy the island. We had a full
agenda and many thought provoking-issues were raised. There was very little room for a break in the
conversation and it continued right through a lovely lunch provided by the Inn. We enjoyed informative
and animated presentations from Gabriola Cats Alive representative Annette Lorek, Sean Hogan from
the SSI BCSPCA and Megan Munroe BCSPCA Outreach coordinator. The message we received from the
BCSPCA can be summed up in one short sentence “ACT don’t REACT.” We need to take animal advocacy
in all its forms seriously. It may well save the world. The world is changing for those who cannot speak
for themselves because more and more of us are willing to stand up, join forces and speak for them.
The reason for our gathering was for exactly that, to network and support one another, to band
together for the good of all animals. Many hands make light work and there is strength in numbers. We
are all stronger for coming together and it looks like our little coalition is destined to just keep growing.

We ask you to reach out to conserve, support, spay and neuter, consider your food choices and rescue
in whatever way you can. Stand up when you see an animal (including wildlife) suffering or being

Call RestQ on Galiano at 250 539 3105 or 250 539 5365 and the toll free Animal Cruelty
Reporting Hotline at 1 (855) 6BC SPCA (1-855-622-7722). The call centre is open seven days per week,
Mon to Fri: 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Sat & Sun: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Tell your neighbours. ACT.

“All for one and one for the animals”


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