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Conference: Rest.Q hosts Rescue Round Table

1. Conference: Rest.Q hosts Rescue Round Table


Rest.Q is excited to announce that we are hosting the 3rd annual Rescue Roundtable on Galiano Island from April 7-8, 2016.

Note that registration is currently full but we are taking a wait list.

The Roundtable is a group of workers from local, regional and provincial animal welfare organizations. We come together every year to learn, mentor, share and push the boundaries in rescue work.

We are a voice for domestic, feral, farm and wildlife animals. Participants bring many years of experience from solo practice through to larger organizations. We have much in common and believe in the strength of collaboration. We share our struggles and give witness to traumatic experiences as we care for the most vulnerable animals. We also recognize the potential for caregiver burnout and take steps to support each other.

Work aside, the Roundtable is also a place to relax without judgment; to laugh and see the brighter side of animal welfare work; and to learn how to maintain our own health and wellness so that we can continue to be an effective power to protect animals and respond rapidly to care for animals in need.

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