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Introducing Hammy

Hammy-May2016-2Meet Hammy, a very special 1-yr old boy who came into our care through the SSI BCSPCA in mid-May 2016. His story is one of courage and resilience. 6 months ago Hammy was hit by a car and sustained life threatening injuries. His back was broken and now cannot use his rear legs/hips – instead he drags his hind-legs behind as he moves forward using his front legs. His previous owners put him out of the house after his injury left him incontinent, and he spent months without veterinary care. But Hammy holds no grudges. He is determined to live life to the max. With us his wounds are healing, we are working on managing his incontinence, and importantly there are plans to get him a wheelchair to give him freedom to zip around in comfort.

Post script (update): Hammy enjoyed many years being fostered  and later adopted by Jenelle Cooper.  Hammy had unconditional love and constant care from Jenelle.  Ultimately he suffered seizures and arthritis and he was relieved of his challenges on June 25 2021 by Dr Lis Jahren.  May he run and frolic in his new home across the rainbow bridge.

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