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Graduation Day

Last Fall 2014 we accepted two tiny feral kittens into our care at the Sanctuary. The little black male was named Taz (aka Tasmanian Devil) due to his feisty behaviour – with, growling and wriggles to hide. The little grey tabby female was named Misty and Was a little less feisty but very scared. They entered their rehabilitation / socialization phase with some reluctance. With great persistence and patience from our volunteers these two adorable kittens have shed their protection of unwanted survival behaviours. They are kind, gentle & well-adjusted kittens who adore lap time almost as much as they enjoy playing. This past weekend they had their surgeries (spay and neuter) and they are up- to-date with vaccinations and other treatments. Being a caregiver parent makes my arms ache at the knowledge that it is time for them to graduate from our care and move into a forever family. This week they left our sanctuary for the big world of Saltspring Island. Our rescue partner Sean from the SSI BCSPCA is going to focus on finding their forever home. Play well Taz and Misty!

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