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Gift In Memory…

Rest.Q recently received a significant donation of $5,000 from Bonnie Robson. Bonnie’s donation was made in the memory of her father, Jim Macdonald, a long-time Galiano resident, who passed away late 2013.
Jim had a semi-feral cat that he cared for on his property. ‘Less’ was a source of companionship for Jim, and Less was often welcomed inside the home for attention and food. When Jim died, Rest.Q relocated Less to our sanctuary. Initially very shy, Less is now enjoying friendship with other felines, and he loves to roll over for belly rubs and affection from our volunteers.
 Bonnie’s donation to Rest.Q will help us to offer Less a good home with all of his needs met (housing, food, vet care) for the remainder of his life. Residual funds from the donation are allocated towards care of other sanctuary animals &  building/renovation needs.
Bequests and donations in memory of a loved one provide Rest.Q with an opportunity to further enhance animal care on the island, including re-homing of pets following the owner’s death. If you have questions about a long-term care-plan for your pet(s), please contact Rest.Q at ; 250 539 3105 or mail to Rest.Q Animal Sanctuary, S12 C11 RR1, Galiano Island, V0N 1P0, for information and support.
We are very appreciative of Bonnie’s donation, and I think Less is a very lucky cat to have so many people who care about him.
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