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Successful Pet Adoptions

Feral kittens tamed and adopted

Frida & Lazlo



Victor & Frida

Three rescued feral kittens received much compassion, patience and time with their foster family.  And now they are happy & adjusted kittens who have been adopted together into a permanent home with the original foster family. What lucky kitties Frida, Lazlo & Victor!

 Kittens for Rogan

Not every dog gets a special card with his new family members, but Rogan is special. In September 2017 two tiny feral kittens arrived in Rogan’s house on a foster parent basis. Needless to say Rogan and his humans fell in love with the tiny pair. Smudge (Black) and Pepper (Tabby) have found a forever home where a doting Rogan watches over them – they’re ever so sweet to watch together. This is one of those stunning moments when inter-species relationships offer learning for us all. Thanks to the Colwells!

Nemo’s Success


May 2016 – Nemo, a loving and gentle boy, required immediate veterinary care when we rescued him, for injuries sustained prior to rescue. Nemo spent a short period as a resident of our Safe House while his wounds healed. During that time he made his way into our hearts and it was a joy to care for him. When ready for adoption we relocated him to SSI BCSPCA and within 48 hours he had a forever home! Keep on melting hearts sweet Nemo!


Summer Daze

During the summer of 2015 a Galiano resident died, leaving many animals on the property requiring care and rehoming. In addition to roosters (rescued by Broken Promises Rescue) and chickens that were found homes, we were left with at least 42 adult geese needing attention. A small group of intrepid volunteers from Galiano and Victoria spent a few very hot, dusty and sweaty days herding, wing-clipping and transporting the feisty geese to the CRD Pound by Elk Lake in Victoria.
Rest.Q was pleased to receive regular updates on the geese from Broken Promises Rescue who provided care & the food for these rather large birds! By all intents the geese appeared to be enjoying their new field and shelter. By late 2015 all geese were rehomed to farms where they can live out their lives in comfort.


Rest.Q provides direct rescue, care and rehoming for animals on our island. But did you know that we also guide, support and take action to help off-island crises too? In Summer 2015 we received an SOS regarding a herd of 24 alpacas in desperate need of re-homing. Together with other regional rescue groups we came up with a plan to transport the alpacas from the Lower Mainland to the CRD Pound in Victoria where Broken Promises Rescue had room for them to live comfortably until alternate homes could be identified.

The journey went smoothly, and after a short stay at the with Broken Promises Rescue where they received much-needed veterinary and general care (including shaving their thick coats) the alpacas all found homes – well done everyone!

Stray Cat

In early 2016 Rest.Q received a call from a concerned resident – they had identified a stray cat that was living on their property. No neighbours reported missing a cat. The cat didn’t have identification such as a tattoo or a microchip. It was shy but very friendly once given a chance. Rest.Q collected the cat and it moved into temporary accommodations at the Sanctuary. Following a few days of observation the cat was taken to see Dr. Jahren on Mayne Island where he received a clean bill of health, along with neutering surgery and immunizations. So what to do next?

We decided to transfer him into the care of the BCSPCA on Saltspring Island where he has a better chance of quick adoption. After all, doesn’t everyone deserve a wonderful forever home?!

NB. This wonderful cat found a forever home within 4 days of arriving on Saltspring Island at the BCSPCA. Now that’s good news!


Adopt the pet Evie

Evie was rescued from certain death as a feral kitten. Her left eye was severely injured and protruding from the eye socket. While receiving veterinary care and a stay at the Rest.Q Safe House sanctuary she melted the hearts of our volunteers. During the summer Evie was adopted and now lives an active life with a loving Galiano family. As for her damaged eye – it will be removed during a future surgery.


Found as a stray cat on Galiano in June 2012, Rest.Q was able to trace this cat’s identity because the cat had a permanent form of identification – a tattoo code applied by the veterinarian who spayed her as a kitten. We followed the information trail and finally found a previous owner who immediately opened her heart and home to Indie once again (they had re-homed Indie when an older cat had reacted negatively to Indie’s adoption). No-one knows why or how the subsequent owner had lost her on Galiano. We do know that Indie is finally in a forever home in Vancouver with promises of a lovely life ahead with her new family.


Meet Millie, an adorable 1.5 yr old female dog who has had a tough start in life. She was living in a home where poverty was extreme and she was surrounded my multiple dogs, kids of all ages, and general chaos. Despite this, Millie is a survivor with a mild temperament. She is housetrained, affectionate, very sweet, and is great around chickens, dogs and young children.

In August 2012 Millie found a forever home in B.C. Just goes to show that caring hearts cross international boundaries!

Millie recently had a litter of 7 pups (one pup was on his way to Vancouver BC for adoption). The great news is that all of Millie’s pups have also found caring homes.


This very special boy has finally found a forever home with one of our dedicated Rest.Q family of volunteers. Already Sammy has adopted a dependable lap to snuggle in, and he has readily adjusted to his new lifestyle in Vancouver. We wish them all happy days together!


This sweet older gal has just found her forever home on Galiano. Now Zinnia will have a new lap to snuggle on and a companion to share her time with.

Zoot and Gus

Gus and Zoot are two healthy five year old brothers who came to RestQ after their person has passed away – they needed a loving home together. Both of these affectionate, lively and sweet cats soon found a loving home together.


Thanks to the dedicated and heartful care of the adoptions team at Saltspring branch of BCSPCA, our Ginger Boy has finally found a forever home. Ziggy (Ginger Boy) spent over two years with us – While he adjusted very easily to our environment and the other critters at the sanctuary, Ziggy found a very selfless and compassionate role as foster-parent to baby Hope, the feral kitten who was almost dead when found near the forest two years ago. Hope bonded strongly to Ziggy, and he appeared to assume responsibility for guiding her through her recovery, subsequent developmental stages, and into her young adult life.

We are thrilled to hear that Ziggy is going to his forever home today. Simultaneously Hope (who remains at the BCSPCA for now) has been introduced to Mystique (another cat in need of a home) and both cats are on the way to a strong friendship. The care that Sean and the Saltspring team have committed to our loving cats is an inspiration  we should all aim to replicate in rescue groups.

This very special boy has finally found a forever home with one of our dedicated Rest.Q family of volunteers. Already Sammy has adopted a dependable lap to snuggle in, and he has readily adjusted to his new lifestyle in Vancouver. We wish them all happy days together!

Taz & Misty

In the Fall of 2014 we accepted two tiny feral kittens into our care at the Sanctuary. The little black male was named Taz (aka Tasmanian Devil) due to his feisty behaviour with hissing, growling and wriggles to hide. The little grey tabby female was named Misty and a little less feisty but very scared. They entered their rehabilitation / socialization phase with some reluctance.

With great persistence and patience from our volunteers these two adorable kittens have shed their protection of unwanted survival behaviours. They are kind, gentle & well adjusted kittens who adore lap time almost as much as they enjoy playing. This past weekend they had their surgeries (spay and neuter) and they are up to date with vaccinations and other treatments.

Being a caregiver parent makes my arms ache at the knowledge that it is time for them to graduate from our care and move into a forever family. This week they left our sanctuary for the big world of Saltspring Island. Our rescue partner Sean from the SSI BCSPCA is going to focus on finding their forever home.

Play well Taz and Misty!


Just in time for Christmas, a delivery from St John’s Newfoundland arrived last week – with a human escort, Roo (cat) arrived tired but eager to settle into her new home at our Sanctuary. Roo was found injured & abandoned on the street in St John’s. Heavenly Creatures rescued her, accessed medical treatment and then distributed a request for a permanent home across Canada, seeking an experienced rescue group with capacity to manage Roo’s care.

Roo is a cheeky girl who loves to play with toys, and is showing interest in playing with our other feline residents at Rest.Q. We expect her transition to be complex – she has unique medical needs – including that she wears a brace to enable her to walk/hop around the room. We hope that consistent caregiving and establishing a daily routine for her will help her to accept her new forever home with us.

Thanks to Sabrina from Heavenly Creatures for escorting Roo across the country, and then teaching us about Roo’s needs and preferences.

And watch for more information about Roo’s adventures – she is bound to amuse us and amaze us.

Gus and Zoot are two healthy five year old brothers who came to RestQ after their person has passed away – they needed a loving home together. Both of these affectionate, lively and sweet cats soon found a loving home together.

Pip (aka Bruiser)

After evading euthanasia on more than one occasion (they thought he was a feral cat) this adorable, affectionate and loving boy has finally found a forever home. In April 2013 Pip was adopted into a wonderful family on Galiano. He now lives in luxury with his female feline companion and human caregivers. Well done Pip!

Christmas for St Nicholas

Nicholas was rescued as a stray the week before Christmas 2012. His bright lust for life and extraverted personality has landed him in the perfect forever home in February 2013. Nicholas now takes care of his new family and lives life with a passion! Merry Christmas Nicholas!


Clancy the kitten was found abandoned by the road on Galiano Island when he was about 3-4 weeks old. Clancy was raised in a local foster home until October when he was adopted by a family on Mayne Island. This playful little guy is now providing hours of entertainment and love to his new family


Blue & Inka

Blue (pictured left) was living in a caring home in Vancouver, but his owner was no longer in a position to look after him. One of our Galiano ‘dog’ lovers has opened her home and her heart to Blue – Blue now has a long-term forever home with Inka (dog pictured right) and a cat to play with as well!

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