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Who we are

Rest.Q Animal Sanctuary is a registered non-profit charity that provides permanent housing to many formerly abused, abandoned, and neglected animals. We are located on Galiano Island in British Columbia, Canada and mostly serve the Southern Gulf Islands region including Galiano Island & Mayne Island.

Rest.Q is a volunteer-run organization that strives to provide exemplary care and a stable home to formerly unwanted pets and livestock.

Rest.Q’s mission is to:

  • provide permanent shelter to unwanted animals
  • provide temporary assistance to animals in need
  • educate the community and visitors about responsible animal stewardship.

Please consider supporting the animals at Rest.Q with a one-time donation or through the monthly sponsorship of one of the residents. Check out our Donate page for more information.

Rest.Q is a not-for-profit society under BC’s Societies Act and a registered charity with Canada Revenue Agency (Charity No:  83035 9568 RR0001).

Our Team

Our Board of Directors

Vancouver Humane Society

Rest.Q is thankful for the support it receives from the Vancouver Humane Society (VHS). VHS is an animal welfare agency that promotes education aimed at reducing animal suffering.

We thank our funders:

Joanna Pollard

I come from an animal crazy family – what chance did I stand?! My first birthday present – a kitten;  and for my 11th birthday present, a Life Membership to the Cat Protection League in the UK. It was upon moving to Galiano that it really sank in as to the need to help the feral and unwanted cats of the Island and so I founded GAIN (Galiano Animals in Need) and later amalgamated it with Mayne Island Rest.Q Sanctuary when the founders moved and it became Galiano RestQ.Sanctuary.  Working with  Dr. Tina Gemeinhardt at the Ark was another eye opener – a  vet willing to help these unwanted creatures by spaying and neutering and taking the kittens to be tamed and homed on the mainland. Then Dr. Elisabeth Jahren came on the scene and is carrying on where Tina left off. It is a privilege to help all animals in need here and everywhere.

Henry Lange and Lis Jahren

Elisabeth and Henry, our wonderful veterinarians (Henry sits on our board) graduated from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon in 1986. They moved to Mayne Island in 1996. Henry worked for the provincial government animal health department and Elisabeth opened up the Mayne island veterinary clinic. She also started a small satellite practice on Galiano shortly after. Both have been involved with assisting Rest.Q over the years, spaying and neutering many feral cats and rabbits looking after the needs of the many special patients that have come through.


Lorraine Moore

Lorraine and Jack Moore bought on Galiano in 1987 as an escape from Vancouver and a retirement plan. Our home came with a very feral cat that we called Mama.  They were unable to trap and spay her so she had 2 sets of kittens.  In 2006 she had 2 beautiful kittens, Mineaux and Jojo.  Today Jojo has a wonderful home with Joanna Pollard  after years of taming. What a dream come true. We always had house cats in our home -Tammy, Boots, Max, Cheetah, Jennie , Niki and Sam! 

Unfortunately Jack passed in 2016 and now I call Galiano home!  When Restq moved to Galiano from Mayne, Lorraine had been on the board until medical needs forced me to be with Jack.  Restq has always been  and continues to be an amazing resource for animals and families and part of a wonderful retirement life for me along with my 4 grand children!

Alison Martin

Alison moved to Mayne Island from Vancouver in December 2017. She and her husband found the beauty of the Gulf Islands suited their love of the quiet outdoors. A committed environmentalist and animal rights advocate, Alison took an immediately interest in the work of the Rest-Q Animal Sanctuary when the organization assisted in re-housing her dying father’s cat before she was able to move to Mayne Island.

In 2018, a newborn kitten was found in dire circumstances on Galiano Island and came to the attention of Rest-Q. Alison and her husband took the tiny kitten and bottle fed him. This experience sparked an interest in bottle feeding abandoned kittens, and in 2019 another newborn kitten came into their lives after been rescued by a lovely couple on Mayne Island. These two “kittens” are now part of a three-cat family, and Alison and Leif wonder how many more cats they can accommodate in their small house!

As someone who has rescued and adopted abandoned pets her whole life, Alison is thrilled to join an organization committed to helping abandoned and abused animals

Our Team

Vet Dr Eric Wilkening

Vet Dr Lis Jahren

Zoe Port

Bookkeeper extraordinaire

Sylvie Beauregard

Regular Volunteer & Fundraising Expert







Seonaid Renwick

Regular Volunteer & Networking Guru

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